710 & 712
Disc brake

Easy to  install - just bolts on! 

Completely reversible back to the original drum brakes....

Available Now!

Bolt-on / Zero Machining - Disc Brake Conversion Kit for All Pinzgauer 710 & 712

  • Based on TD Pinzgauer 716/718 factory disc brake system (same configuration, diameter and thickness - Dual calipers front / single caliper rear)
  • Now includes vented type discs - 11.7" / 297mm diameter for better cooling of the discs
  • Wilwood DynaPro calipers - 4 pistons with dust boots for protection of pistons with off-road use
  • Braided stainless steel brake hoses with black plastic protective covering and -3AN steel fittings  
  • Same caliper, pads and discs are used at all wheel positions to allow easier exchange replacement / spares
  • All brackets made from high strength alloy steel 
  • All hardware Class 10.9 / Grade 8 alloy steel
  • Compatible with Swiss, Austrian and Civilian 710 / 712
  • Uses stock 710/712 Pinzgauer master brake cylinder with the external static pressure valves removed (easily done - reversible)
  • Wilwood brake proportioning valve included to allow adjustment of rear wheel's braking for proper brake bias depending on vehicle and loading

Can be installed in about 4 to 8 hours -  no special tools are needed. Disassembly of the portal axle gear boxes is NOT required. Original drum brake system can be reinstalled - completely reversible. 

Installation available by experienced Pinzgauer mechanics 

Designed for use with Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit 16" Wheels

  • Uses easy-to-get, low cost MB/Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter (2003-2006) or Ford Transit (2014+) 16" steel wheels with 5 lug pattern
  • Both of these wheels have built-in internal safety bead "humps" to retain tire when driven with low pressure - ORIGINAL PINZGAUER WHEELS DO NOT HAVE THESE HUMPS AS THEY ARE MEANT FOR OLD TUBE TIRES - NOT MODERN TUBELESS TIRES
  • Wheel bolt PCD kept at original 5x160mm (for Transit wheels) or changed to 5 x 130mm (for Sprinter wheels)
  • Can also use G-Wagen or 716/718 TD Pinzgauer wheels  (Hutchison WA-0492 beadocks) 
  • With Sprinter wheels, outer edge is moved outward 29mm (~1-3/16 inch) each side from stock position
  • With Transit wheels, outer edge is moved outward 50mm (~2 inches) each side from stock position
  • Wider track increases stability without excessive steering effort or other handling issues
  • Recommended tire: 255/85-16, 33/9.50-16 or 8.25R16

Pricing - Available as a "Basic" or "Full" Kit

FULL KIT - includes all parts required for a complete conversion of a 710 or 712 Pinzgauer - you provide brake fluid and your choice of wheels & lug nuts (3-day USPS shipping in the USA included)

  • 710/712 front axle only  for Transit wheel - $2000 USD
  • 710/712 front axle only for Sprinter wheel - $2050 USD 


  • 710 two axle for Transit 5x160mm wheel - $3200 USD
  • 710 two axle for Sprinter 5x130mm wheel - $3300 USD   


  • 712 three axle for Transit 5x160mm wheel - $4400 USD
  • 712 three axle for Sprinter 5x130mm wheel - $4550 USD

BASIC KIT - includes just the custom parts - 2 discs/rotors, 2 wheel spacers, brackets and all required mounting hardware - fits one front or rear axle - you supply the wilwood calipers, pads, plumbing parts and wheels (3-day USPS shipping in the USA included)

  • Per axle for Transit wheel 5x160mm - $800 USD
  • Per axle for Sprinter wheel 5x130mm - $850 USD

(Includes detailed assembly instructions with sources for all additional parts - calipers, pads, brake lines, plumbing adapters etc.)

Wheels spacer for rear drum brakes if not converted - moves rear wheels outward to match front wheels (only necessary when just the front axle has been converted to disc brakes) 

  • Transit wheel spacer 5x160mm (each) - $85 USD
  • Sprinter wheel spacer 5x130mm (each) -  $110 USD

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